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The 90 Day Plan

Monday, June 20, 2011

The 90-Day Plan and Expedition 1000 Kick-Off!

Today is day one of The 90-Day Plan: 90 Ways in 90 Days to Clean & Conserve Water!

We are launching The 90-Day Plan to coincidence with an adventure the Creative Explorer, Dave Cornthwaite, kicked-off his expedition from source-to-sea down the Mississippi River.

His journey and The 90-Day Plan will run for the next three months they will both reveal a lot about the Mississippi and the reflection this great river has on America.

Dave's expedition aims to provide a platform for flatwater Stand Up Paddleboarding as a healthy, enjoyable sport, linking  communities along the waterway, encouraging an appreciation of the Mississippi River through sport and travel as well as highlighting the issues faced by the river.

Dave will speak in many of the communities along the way, incorporating his ongoing journey along the river with his previous (and future) adventures, all the while filming a documentary of a journey that if successful may be a World Record Distance by Stand Up Paddleboard, a record currently held by the amazing Tom Jones from the USA.

If you would like to support Dave on his Mississippi Expedition please get in touch, we're on the look out for schools and community groups based along the river to help with fundraising activities and to join Dave on the water. Like on Dave's Murray River Expedition The Blue Mile concept will be a big part of the Mississippi journey, so get involved!

Stay Tuned:

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