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The 90 Day Plan

Friday, July 29, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 40

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 40 

There is nothing like a boat ride to remind you about the joys of water sports. Boats can also spread invasive species, leak oil, and spread other contaminants. Some two-stroke engines emit about 30% of unburned fuel into the water. PRACTICE SAFE and CLEAN BOATING HABITS.

For More Information:

Challenge: What are three clean boating habits you can practice? Why is it important to properly dispose of fishing line?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 39

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 39 

If you have vacation plans for this summer, please TRAVEL SMART. Are you planning a cruise? If so, check this out: You may want to reconsider because cruise ships dump raw sewage and heaps of trash into the ocean during every outing.

For More Information:

Challenge: Plan an Eco-Tourism vacation for your family. Create a brochure and travel guide. Try a Stay-cation.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 38

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 38 

Keep you car(s) TUNED-UP. Properly maintaining vehicle will increase overall efficiently and lifespan. Better mileage means fewer emissions and fewer emissions means a healthier planet.

For More Information:

Challenge: Using the link below, if you were to properly tune-up a car, how much could you increase the fuel-economy of your vehicle(s)? What are the pros and cons of drilling for oil offshore?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 37

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 37 

Ninety-Five percent of oil in our oceans comes from the land—USE the CARWASH instead of washing vehicles in the driveway. Most commercial carwashes process or send rinse water containing grease, oil, detergents, and other gunk to a treatment facility. Once in the water oil, gasoline, and other hydrocarbons can sicken and kill marine life.

For More Information:

Challenge: Figure out a method to use the least amount of water and detergent to wash a car.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 36

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 36 

As you are planning to run errands, MAKE a LIST and CHECK it TWICE to save time and fuel instead of going out multiple times.

For More Information:

Challenge: Tally the distance you travel to your regular stores and shops for one week. Can you create a plan to reduce the total distance it takes to shop for the week?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 35

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 35 

The clothes dryer is a major appliance and it accounts for a sizeable percentage of your home's energy bill. Find a way to HANG it on the LINE today. Dryers wear-out clothes more than the washing machine, this step will also help to

For More Information:

Challenge: Make a list of items that would be easiest to hang on a clothesline and scout a place to have one in your yard for rest of summer.

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