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The 90 Day Plan

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Last River Lost: The Sacrifice of the Stanislaus

Stanislaus: The Struggle for a River is the story of the damming of the Stanislaus River by the New Melones Dam and the Friends of the River who fought to protect one of the most rafted rivers in the United States.

The trailer for the "Last River Lost" brings to life the struggle to save the Stanislaus River in the 1970s, then threatened by the Army Corps of Engineers. In Spring 1979, Mark Dubois gained national attention when he put his life on the line to prevent the filling of the New Melones reservoir. His action, and the crash course in activism that the Stanislaus community experienced, left a lasting mark on the environmental movement in the United States and the world.

With Jerry Brown back in control as Governor of California, can he possibly reverse the damage done to the Stanislaus River and let the river run free once more? He supported Proposition 17 then, perhaps he still does?

Asian Carp videos

The Asian Carp is reported to be 80% of the biomass in the Mississippi River and has invaded the Great Lakes as well.  What can be done to keep invasive species in check?

Study: Unregulated Toxin Present in Tap Water of 31 U.S. Cities

Monday, January 3, 2011

BP Oil Spill: Where is the oil now?

David Zetland discusses "Water Footprinting" with Veolia

Aquanomics blogger David Zetland discussed Veolia’s water impact index with Laurent Auguste (president and CEO, Veolia Water Americas) and Edwin Pinero (chief sustainability officer, Veolia Water North America).  The water impact index would improve on water footprinting by including local water stress and water quality, i.e.,

For full article and mp3 download of 40-minute discussion visit the Aquanomics blog:


Chasing the Green Dragon

In a new effort to push their agenda, the Christian Right has produced a series of videos to help push their antiquated worldview.  Please watch this propaganda below as religious zealouts speak out against science and blame the environmental movement for the world's problems.  As they criticize the efforts of the "Green Dragon" and promote the greatness of Jesus Christ and his gospel, please remember that not one person in this video is a qualified scientist so their opinions on science are baseless.

This was a response to the e-article:
Sounding the Alarm About Dangerous Environmental Extremism: Explosive New DVD Series, 'Resisting the Green Dragon,' Now Being Distributed Nationally and Abroad

While Others Push Evangelicals to Embrace Anti-Christian Environmental Views, the Cornwall Alliance Has Been Joined by Top Christian Leaders in a New Series of DVDs and Printed Resources for Churches and Ministries

90-Day Plan - 90 Ways to Save Water

Below the Surface - Atchafalaya River Expedition featured in Reader's Digest

Kristian Gustavson receives the American Red Cross "Hero of the Heartland" Award

David Gallo Shows Underwater Astonishments

Below The Surface Podcast

Robert Ballard's TED talk is an inspiring, optimistic look at the future hope of ocean exploration

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