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The 90 Day Plan

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 34

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 34 

Another way to save energy while using the washing machine is to WASH with COLD WATER. Most detergents are formulated to work with cold water. Even switching the water temperature from hot to warm will cut energy use by about half.

For More Information:

Challenge: How can the use of non-chlorine bleach lead to cleaner water?

Blog: Dave Cornthwaite arrives in Minneapolis by SUP

I'm in Minneapolis, 503 miles down the Mississippi River, a touch over one-fifth of the way through this journey, happy. A whirlwind of a year had afforded me barely any time on a Stand Up Paddleboard before this expedition began; in fact, an hour-long paddle in Queensland this May was the only direct 'training' I'd managed in six months before flying into Minnesota three weeks ago.
Paddling to the Source video:

The standard line is that the first two weeks of any journey is the warm-up, a chance to build up the body so it catches up with the psychological readiness that decent preparation is truly for. It's easy to forget the reality of this until you find yourself on the water, suddenly faced with a seven-mile paddle to the source of one of the world's major rivers, adrenaline ever so important to the success of this initial mission because your level of fitness is frankly disappointing!

Twenty days on from that initial paddle the game has changed. I'm now Kevin Costner from Waterworld, without all the rigging and arguable acting ability. I've been spending ten hours a day on a river that began two metres wide and has now swelled to 150 metres across, and growing. It is capable of summoning a whirlpool 30 metres across that has spun me 90 degrees in a split second. I respect the Mississippi, I have to, it'll keep me safe. My belongings are stuffed into two drybags, every item has its own place, the bags live upon my board and now take ten minutes to set-up, where once upon a time it took an hour!

Arriving in Minneapolis, beautiful!
Arriving in Minneapolis, beautiful!

It's a lovely feeling to find your rhythm, to settle into a completely new way of life, the idea of which scared you stiff just a month ago. I know the water, I know my board, I can tell within three strokes whether a weed has kindly attached itself to my fin. I feel at home now, I now sleep, eat, paddle and smile. This is my life for the next two and a bit months, the Mississippi River, standing up.

To follow the journey visit:
Official Website:
Twitter: @DaveCorn

Dave Cornthwaite
Adventurer | Author | Motivational Speaker
Official Website:
US Mobile (throughout Mississippi Exped June - September '11) 760-453-3059
UK Mobile: 07872 986084
Twitter: @DaveCorn
Facebook: Expedition1000

On June 20th 2011 Dave started the 4th journey of his Expedition1000 project, a 2400 mile source to sea descent of the Mississippi River, by Stand Up Paddleboard. Dave is aiming to raise £1,000,000 throughout the project, please find out more about his charities, here

Expedition1000: Twenty-five journeys of 1000+miles, all by different means

Friday, July 22, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 33

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 33 

Washing machines and dishwashers are great devices; just make sure to run them FULLY LOADED. These appliances use a lot of energy and water; dishwashers use between 20-30 gallons per wash and washing machines use between 40-55 gallons.

For More Information:

Challenge: Why is it a good idea to hold off using these appliances during or shortl

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 32

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 32 

Recent studies indicate that traces of medicine, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products are showing up in our drinking water. PROPERLY DISPOSE of UNUSED PILLS and do not flush them down the toilet. This is an activity that requires adult supervision.

For More Information:

Challenge: How do medicines harm aquaculture? Are other people's prescriptions good for you? Where might concentrations be the highest? Unfortunately drinking bottled water may not solve this problem. See for yourself, this has the potential for a great deal of concern.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 31

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 31 

Every year, households in America tend to generate about 100 pounds of Hazardous Household Waste (HHW). KNOW WHAT is in YOUR HOME! HHW ranges from: paints and drain cleaners to fluorescent bulbs and used motor oil. Go through your home to investigate and tally HHW sources. By checking under sinks, in cabinets, the basement and garage you will find the majority of HHW.

For More Information:

Challenge: Choose three standard cleaning products that are considered HHW and find a way to replace them with a safer alternative. Example: a plunger is an alternative to harsh chemicals used to un-clog drains.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 30

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 30 

The more we use the AC, the more we may need it. Air conditioners account for about 5% of America's energy consumption; this summer, cut costs by finding alternative ways to BEAT the HEAT.

For More Information:

Challenge: Five-percent of this nation's energy is a lot of juice. Calculate how much power America uses and how much power a typical station produces. How many power plants are needed to create 5% of America's energy?

Monday, July 18, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 29

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 29 

It is amazing how simple saving water can be. For instance, try the TOILET TANK TRICK. Take any sized plastic bottle (reuse) and fill it with sand, pebbles, or pennies and place it in the toilet tank. A half-gallon jug seems to be a good fit—this works by displacing and saving the volume of water with a solid object.

For More Information:

Challenge: What type of wastewater treatment service does your home use? What level is effluent treated and where does it go after processing? Have you considered a dual-flush or high efficiency toilet?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The 90-Day Plan: DAY 28

The 90 Day Plan - 90 Ways in 90 Days

The 90 Day Plan: Day 28 

What would you do if someone were stealing from you? You may be stealing from yourself. IDENTIFY and REPAIR LEAKES in your home to prevent your household from losing money. One faucet can leak about 20 gallons per day and one toilet can leak about 50 gallons per day; over one month, that adds up to a lot of stolen water—don't forget to check for leaks in your basement and outside.

For More Information:

Challenge: Municipalities that provide water lose, on average, 10-20% of water to leaks in the system. Call your water district and ask, how much water they are losing to leakage? Are they doing anything to perform infrastructure repair?

90-Day Plan - 90 Ways to Save Water

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