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The 90 Day Plan

Friday, August 28, 2009

Capitol Weekly: Major water bond proposed in the Capitol

Capitol Weekly: Major water bond proposed in the Capitol

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Water Pollution in Oregon, 100 Years Later

Unfortunately, pollution that enters the rivers and oceans does not only flow down stream. It also settles, builds up and most dangerously can be stirred up and released, creating a toxic underwater cloud.

Click Here for the full article from the Daily Journal of Commerce in Portland, OR.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Swimming with the Chickens... Water Pollution in the Mid West

Cause and Effect

There is much discussion about the phenomena of Eutrophic (nutrient rich) and Hypoxic (oxygen depleted) areas throughout the oceans of the world. Estimates place as many as 400 Hypoxic Zones world wide and over 40 are on the East, Gulf and Pacific Northwest coasts of the United States. There is one at the mouth of the Mississippi River estimated to be 8000 square miles, or roughly equivalent to the size of the State of Massachusetts.

So where does this marine holocaust originate? The unwitting actions of many - it is not a problem with a definite source as there are many causes. Click Here to read about a sample of just one of the many causes of Hypoxic Zones and the destruction they render on the marine ecosystem and fishing industry.

Full Article

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