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The 90 Day Plan

Monday, July 5, 2010

Project Save Our Surf and The Eco-Warrior Project are joining forces to launch "GULF ALERT 2010"

Project Save Our Surf and The Eco-Warrior Project are joining forces to launch "GULF ALERT 2010". The aim of the Gulf Alert initiative is to raise awareness of actionable ways the surfing public can help shift the direction from pollution toward renewal. Gulf Alert 2010 will accomplish these goals with direct action on-the ground, in the water and over the skies of the Gulf area.


On Saturday, July 3rd, ECO-Warrior James Pribram, professional surfer and model Mary Osborne, champion stand-up paddler Chuck Patterson and actor Richard Burgi will leave for Gulf Port Miss. The Gulf Alert team will stand-up paddle through areas of the spill in protest of the devastation that is plaguing that region of coastline as well as document a fly-over and participate in local wild-life rescue efforts.


"What is happening in the gulf right now is heart breaking to say the least and hard to imagine this is not only happening in our country but in our world today. It's like a real-time nightmare playing out in front of us with no end in sight. My heart goes out to all those affected by this environmental tragedy. It honestly brings tears to my eye's and I will do whatever I can to help during this environmental crises that affects us all".

- James Pribram, the Eco-Warrior.


Details of the paddle mission will be made public afterwards due to the conflict of interest within local agencies and restricted areas of coastline


The Eco-Warrior Project, led by professional surfer James Pribram, demonstrates how people can contribute to environmental issues such as improving water quality, protecting endangered reefs and wildlife and enhancing life on earth for everyone. For more information, check out


Project Save Our Surf was founded in 2008 by actress and surfer Tanna Frederick to raise funds, awareness and hope around clean ocean issues. For more information, check out or contact

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