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The 90 Day Plan

Monday, January 25, 2010

Tijuana River Cleanup Cancelled Due to Health Concerns?

Rumor has it that a cleanup effort for the Tijuana River Estuary was recently postponed due to health concerns.  Kind of frightening to think that the answer is just letting it wash out into the ocean.  Not really a solution.  Pollution is not cured by dilution.

1 comment:

  1. Friends,

    WiLDCOAST volunteers will go forward with the efforts to conserve the Tijuana River and south San Diego beaches impacted by its pollution on January 30th with a Tijuana River mouth beach cleanup.

    New Location: End of South Seacoast Dr Imperial Beach, CA 91932
    Time: 3pm-5pm
    (We will no longer be meeting at 301 Caspian way at 9am as previously scheduled.)

    Conditions may be hazardous for younger children as the latest storms have left a large amount of solid waste, trash and potentially harmful objects along the shoreline.

    We ask anyone interested in joining us to wear closed toe shoes and long pants.


    Coastal Conservation Team


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