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The 90 Day Plan

Monday, January 25, 2010

Be the Solution! Join a Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA)

Be the Solution Alert!  Certified Organic Farms – Buy Local, Buy Organic, and join a CSA or start one of your own!

Join a CSA program today to help Be the Solution to water, energy, and environmental issues.  As a consumer, flex your dollars and support a local business with emphasis on Organic farming practices.  This supports local economies, creates shipping efficiencies, and reduces oil dependency.  Fewer herbicides and pesticides in runoff will also ensure a healthier ecosystem.

If there is not a CSA in your area, perhaps there should be… a trucker strike in Britain caused a run on the supermarkets and in 3 days they were bare.  Ensuring a local supply limits the dependency on oil consumption and vast distribution networks. 

Dedicating local properties to Organic gardens ensures a more balanced environment, cleaner, more oxygen enriched air, and natural habitat for wildlife. 

For more information, you can look at .  Below the Surface is not sponsored or affiliated with this CSA, but thinks they provide a useful website and in principle with Community Supported Agriculture they provide seasonal, locally grown organic produce.  Weekly or Bi-weekly, full or half box orders are typical frequencies and prices vary by region and availability.

The good news is we have plenty of farms in the U.S., but there is plenty of room for improved agricultural methods.  For instance, using the following maps, overlay your local neighborhood and examine the Organic thumbprint of your region.  If there aren’t enough dots in your region to assess, maybe you should consider stocking up now to beat the rush.

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