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The 90 Day Plan

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sierra Club Speaks Out Against Big Oil

Forwarded Email from the Sierra Club:


“Today, the Oil Spill Commission released the full version of its comprehensive report on the BP oil disaster, which concludes that systemic failures throughout the oil industry mean that a similar catastrophe "might well recur."1

It's clear that Big Oil continues to put our shores at risk.

Tell Congress to implement the Commission's recommendations to support restoration of the Gulf and protect all U.S. coasts from future disasters.

The one year anniversary of the BP oil disaster is approaching in April, and Congress still has not taken to action to protect Gulf Coast communities and restore the region.

The Oil Spill Commission report supports our work by recommending many priority elements advocated by the Sierra Club and regional community groups.

We've known what's needed for nine months; now is the time to act. Tell Congress to restore the Gulf Coast and protect the nation's shores from future oil drilling disasters.

The report outlines three critical steps we must take now in response to the BP oil disaster: the creation of a Gulf of Mexico Regional Citizen's Advisory Council to give Gulf Coast residents a voice in recovery efforts, directing eighty percent of Clean Water Act fines from the BP oil disaster to the Gulf Coast for restoration, and increasing protections and oil industry accountability to prevent future tragedies.

Congressional action to protect our coasts is long overdue -- send a message to Congress today.

Thanks for all that you do to protect the environment,
Sarah Hodgdon
Sierra Club Conservation Director”

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