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The 90 Day Plan

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lake Powell vs. Lake Mead

Yesterday we reported on Lake Mead and its dangerously low water levels possibly preventing its ability to generate power in the near future.  Upstream, Lake Powell has sustained an increased level (by about 30 ft.) over past 3 years.  Is the Lake Mead crisis partially due to interstate water rivalries?

The dam at Lake Powell restricts the flow to Lake Mead and the border of Lake Powell is shared by Arizona and Utah.  Meanwhile, Lake Mead shares borders with Nevada and Arizona, but distributes its water to California as well. 

Without assessing the absolute acre/ft retained by Lake Powell, it would be a calculation beyond simple mathematics due to shape size, depth, bathymetry, etc... does it make sense that these two areas are not playing nice?  Is Lake Powell restraining more than its fair share?

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