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The 90 Day Plan

Friday, August 13, 2010

San Diego and Washington Legend Tommy Hough Speaks Up on BP!

Environmental champion Tommy Hough is best known for many things - Treehuggers International, Brunch with Bob and Friends, a committed outdoorsman and environmental advocate, and in this author's opinion he is the only worthwhile DJ to run the morning show on San Diego's FM 94.9 because of his and Halloran's great taste in music and deep personal interest in bringing the ethos of environmental protection to the rock and roll arena. With a gentleman's demeanor and activists persistence, Tommy lays it on the line for Surfrider, Sierra Club, and a number of other organizations fighting the good fight to protect the health and natural beauty of our environment -from the mountains to the coastline.

Below the Surface co-founder Jared Criscuolo recently conducted an interview with Tommy on the BtS team's observations in the Gulf of Mexico and work to protect your beach, one river at a time.

Check out Tommy's Op-Ed Piece on BP, the Deepwater Horizon spill, the US Government and the perils of offshore drilling on his internationally syndicated Treehugger's International group and stay tuned on Sunday morning at 5:30 on San Diego FM 94.9 for his interview with Jared either on the radio or streaming live at FM 94.9!

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