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The 90 Day Plan

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Watch BP in Action as they Fix the Oilspill!!! So exciting! Can't Miss!!!

Watch BP Fix Oil Leak Live

Watch BP as they ensure the safety of America's coastline and the main migratory flight path for most of the birds of North America, which follows the Mississippi River, crosses the Gulf of Mexico to the Yucatan.  Just imagine if the water is polluted for ten years and fish numbers decline.

When we kill the fish, we kill the birds.  We kill the birds, it comes to land in a serious way and will go up the food chain.  This balance with nature is an ancient concept and even with all of our advanced scientific understanding of the world, we cannot effectively legislate against these disasters. 

Denial science is to blame.  Taking well established concepts and theories and casting a shadow of doubt across our poorly educated nation.  This may seem off-base, but maybe if scientific education were improved in our country with properly funded programs, maybe we wouldn't be in such a pickle.

Cap the Well! Skip the junk shot.

Watch BP in Action Now!

Watch BP Fix Oil Leak Live

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