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The 90 Day Plan

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Below the Surface interview on Oil slick nears Biloxi


  1. Erratum: Kristian Gustavson is a Political Scientist and the founder of nonprofit group Below the Surface His emphasis on oceans and rivers and his pursuit of a graduate degree with Scripps Intstitution of Oceanography (SIO) has enabled him to speak knowledgeably on the subject, but he was incorrectly labelled as a "marine biologist". We just wanted to set the record straight.

    The bit regarding dispersants was paraphrased from a discussion with a certified Chemist and is accurate with regards to the toxicity of dispersants, with the caveat that the actual chemical constituents in a dispersant are trade secrets and safety profiles are unknown.

    Even the Material Safety Data Sheets do not provide sufficient information to inform an emergency responder with appropriate treatmeent measures.

    Unknown safety profiles for chemicals being dumped into the oceans by the 100,000's of gallons at a time? That's incorrigible!

  2. One more thing, although the constituents are unkonwn, the toxicity is known. For indicator species, it is in the low ppm range for both oil and dispersants.


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