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The 90 Day Plan

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Elephant in the Room: "Blue Gold"

One would like to think that the interest in water of Venture Capital, large multinational corporations and investors throughout the world would herald a revolution in the management of water. It would make water management more efficient, and ideally less prone to the corruption and cronism that the world's poor suffer beneath. The much needed injection of capital into the compromised quality of water worldwide ought to herald better days. But what are the limits, and how do we - as members of society - prevent a situation from developing that imperils public access to a supply of water? And will this all really work?

The opportunities abound, but the stakes are high. Cleantech Magazine, an offshoot of Cleantech Investor, offers excellent coverage on the opportunities and potential social benefits of investment in water technologies. Click Here to learn more!

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