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The 90 Day Plan

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Up and Running

After a busy weekend of presentations and arrivals of crew, we're
ready to get on the road. I spent the afternoon meandering through
Memphis awaiting the arrival of James Pribram, a professional surfer
and comitted "blue" waterman, and relentlessly seeking what appears to
be the only waterproof video camera in the south. We spent some time
last night at Ground Zero, a blues club owned by local proprietors
Bill Luckett and a gentleman who needs no introduction s Morgan
Freeman. We took in the saucy blues sounds of Super Chikn while he
"shot that thang" until the crowd couldn't take anymore.... and then
the dancing started again.

We are making last minute preparations, stuffing our layers of
polypropelene and neoprene into dry bags and second guessing the
wisdom of paddling 180 miles through swampy river in near freezing
temperatures... yet we still remain enthusiastic.

Thanks to the people of Clarksdale who, with open arms, welcomed the
"surfer dudes" and friends to their home and muddy waters. Me,
Kristian, Guy, James, Erika and Steve appreciate it. Now, we're off
to meet up with the legendary John Ruskey and get under way. We'll
see y'all around the bend.

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