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The 90 Day Plan

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Global Warming?

This sentence is one of a thousand this week trying to cast a shadow of doubt on the scientific consensus of global warming being caused by human impact on the environment.

"But there is another reason as well. The earth hasn't been warming for the last decade, and the man-made global warming scientists were recently discredited by the Climategate e-mails. The world's people are increasingly realizing that the science behind the hoped-for treaty is far from settled."

Points of discussion with regards to CO2 emissions:

1.) Increased CO2 levels are a direct result of the Industrial Revolution and population growth and increased production and consumption of goods.  Increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere are absorbed by the ocean forming carbonic acid and lowering the pH of the ocean.  This destroys sealife habitats.

2.) US Increased CO2 emissions 30% since the Kyoto Treaty was ratified.

3.) US has outsourced much of its local production and manufacturing to China, India, and many other industrial nations, which has increased their CO2 output.

4.) Scientists, please step forward and provide evidence that humans have not caused global warming.

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